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MyJar Alternative With Lower Interest Rates

MYJAR is a short-term payday advance company based in the UK with a decade of industry experience. They have won multiple awards for excellent customer care over the past several years and then exceed customer’s expectations with their high level of customer support.

With the main success with their cash advance services, MJAR wished to expand the services made available to their clients therefore recently launched MYJAR PLUS, which you could borrow as much as £4000 on a long time – up to 24 months if necessary.

This choice is far better in case you need a loan over an extended period of time rather than a short-term payday loan.

MyJar Alternative With Better Rates:

Have you been knocked back for a MyJar loan? You have more options. You can use a free UK broker like that will search and find a lender that will accept you on your personal circumstances.

Their website is bright and straightforward to make use of because of the relevant information you simply must know when trying to get your loan.

To apply, you need to simply create your account. You will be able to manage your entire payments from this point, upload documents and amend all of your details.

What is the concept of MYJAR?

The actual word MYJAR doesn’t mean anything within the English language. However, once you separate both words ‘MY’ and ‘JAR’ The two words mean something.

Best MyJar Alternative with lower interest rates

Why MYJAR for a loan company name?

Well, it is really a catchy and unique name that possibly resembles a money jar or piggy bank that people may have used as children to gather coins. MYJAR is often a quirky, unique name that is more prone to stick in your head.

Collecting Jars!

This name also resembles the system MYJAR purposes of its customers. When you make an application for an MYJAR loan online, you will be offered what is known as “jars of money”. These are the loans that you will be eligible for. The longer you’re MYJAR customer and prove that you’re a responsible borrower trying to pay back your loans on time, you can then collect more jars in places you can borrow more the very next time and ‘move in the ladder’.


Over the past several years, MYJAR has both been nominated and won a couple of awards for his or her excellent services. These are:

  • F5 Awards – 2016 Responsible Lender
  • Credit Excellence Awards – Highly-commended – 2017
  • CICM – Finalist – 2017 Responsible Lender
  • CCS Awards – Winner – 2017

All in the above awards are displayed clearly on their website.

How the company works:

MYJAR is just like most online loan providers. You can apply directly on the web and upload any required documents through your internet account.

Repayment method:

The main approach to repayment with MYJAR is via CPA (Continuous Payment Authority). CPA is how the money is deducted straight from the financial institution card you input when you make an application for your loan.

If this process does not suit you then there are several more alternative payment methods that one could select from. The payment methods include online directly from your MYJAR account, via TEXT or by TELEPHONE.

Do I need a bank account?

Yes, you’ll need both a UK bank account and a debit card which is of this particular same checking account in order to apply for a loan with MYJAR.

Requirements for your loan:

To meet the criteria to make an application for a loam with MYJAR you must fit the following criteria:

  1. Be over 18 years old.
  2. Reside permanently within the UK.
  3. Hold a banking account in the UK with an active debit card.
  4. Have a verifiable cellphone number and email.
  5. Have a regular source of income.
  6. Be able to spend the money on repayments over the agreed term of the loan.

Address information

When trying to get your loan with MYJAR, you simply must provide your address history within the last 3 years.

ID and Income

Once you have filled in your application, you’ll need to provide proof ID and income if it is requested. Under some circumstances, it won’t be required.


MYJAR offers an excellent trust pilot rating of 4.5/5. They are highly regarded by all with their customers, specifically for fast payout times. A massive 83% of MYJARs reviews on trust pilot were rated as ‘excellent’!

The company takes time to answer each of these client’s reviews, whether positive or negative, proving that customer satisfaction is very important in their firm.

Only 4% with the reviews on Trust pilot was, what you will class as bad. With most of the issues being they didn’t lend money to particular website consumers on account of failed credit checks. We couldn’t find any major bad reviews or complaints against MYJAR.

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